When joining forces with a ray of light that’s 7 million beams strong, it quickly becomes clear that the forces of good are going to triumph on this Earth. That’s the conclusion Baton Rouge resident Todd Shupe reached after becoming a member of Promise Keepers, a Christ-center organization that hopes to inspire men the world over. Under the banner of, “Equipping the local church through the Word of God to empower their men to transform the world,” Promise Keepers are a dedicated group who hope men read the Word of God on a daily basis. To drive the point home, the men’s ministry has an upcoming seminar featuring a dozen speakers and two National Football League players.

Moreover, following the Word of God has allowed Todd Shupe — and millions of others who’ve been a part of Promise Keepers since its humble beginnings in 1990 — to better the lives of other Christian men. Promise Keepers are also faithful husbands, fathers and community leaders. Shupe has followed a selfless mission that’s led him to

help children of incarcerated parents, the homeless and fellow churchgoers. Specifically, his work with Grace Camp allowed for taking young children fishing; Open Air Ministries provided for ministering to the homeless in a Baton Rouge parking lot and volunteering with Baton Rouge Christian Life Magazine to aid with

the production of the church’s magazine. These objectives are perfectly in line with that of the Promise Keepers, which also aims to break down racial and social barriers.  Shupe follows James 2:17 – Faith without action is dead.  Shupe is also a member of a men’s ministry based in Baton Rouge called Gulf South Men.  He helps to deliver services and programs to men to equip them to be better Christian leaders in their local church and family.

By allowing someone with a background such as Shupe’s to help your organization with community relations and outreach, you’re bringing aboard a dedicated servant who has followed the Word of God on a mission to bettering the world around him. His technical experience in wood science provides for professional sector credentials that should impress anyone considering bringing him aboard for any faith-based project.